If hackers attacked your business tonight, would you survive?


Nightly Scans
New vulnerabilities come up every day. Nightly scans by Technovault ensure that you’re aware of critical dangers and how to correct them.


Weekly Security Audits
Technovault performs weekly security audits which document the vulnerabilities scanned for and the results found.


Monthly Expert Review
Every month, one of our security experts will review your audits and evaluate your risks and the steps you’ve taken to ensure your security.

Technovault Business Shield™ constantly scans, tests and audits our clients’ websites and servers to make sure they have no critical vulnerabilities.  There is no software to install. We do this entirely over the internet. Our consultants will work with your technical people to remedy your problems.

Security Made Simple

Every week we hear about a new major company that got compromised or breached and lost sensitive client data.    Some of them survive.  Some don’t.  None are undamaged by  the event.  At Technovault, our purpose is to do everything possible to ensure our clients don’t number among the casualties.  We scan nightly, audit weekly and consult monthly with every single one of our clients to ensure their deployments are secured against the vast majority of known attacks.  With a little prevention, and $359/mo, you can take huge strides toward securing your web business.

24/7/365 Emergency Support

phoneAt Technovault, we understand that a security compromise can be a business-threatening event.  We maintain a 24/7/365 emergency support line for all Technovault clients.  Contact us in the event of a security breach and you’ll find we can help in several ways.  First, we can assist technically, giving you the latest information on how to secure your business.  Secondly, and just as importantly, we can help with your handling of any negative media coverage by issuing press releases certifying that you have undertaken security audits and review.  While Technovault clients are far less likely to be compromised, in the unlikely event you are, we’ve got your back.